Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mom goes to TACA

This past weekend was my first trip to Philadelphia. It was also my first trip to the TACA conference. I flew out to help the folks at A Major Difference with their booth at this conference and as such have gotten to meet a whole bunch of really cool people. I've also got to see a number of longtime friends who live on the East Coast and who come to TACA events.  The energy here is very different than the energy at A1. It doesn't feel frenetic / dramatic at all.  It is a bunch of really nice people who really like each other.  Its cool.

This is my friend Heidi.  She is Mrs Midwest International (or something like that) and an ambassador for the Autism Hope Alliance.  We did the whole squeal jump hug thing when she got in late on Thursday.

I made a book of our experience with the IonCleanse by AMD.  Its basically a shiny version of the IonCleanse by AMD Tab of this blog.   Its made a tremendous impression on folks.  I hope we are making a difference for these people who are searching for something to try to help their children.

And these are my girls.  When I said I was coming to TACA, they decided to drive over from Long Island to hang out and do the conference.  I am beyond blessed. 


Overall, its a very different experience doing a conference as a vendor than as a parent.  I talked to a TON of moms and dads this weekend and met some really cool people.

What was hilarious to me was that during the times most of the attendees were in presentations, we had other vendors lining up to do cleanses.   We probably administered 100 footbaths this weekend, if not a few more.  It was very cool to be a part of getting this awesome product out to the autism community because of the difference its made for us.

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