Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mid week camp and Gemiini update

Now that we appear to have smoothed the communication between us and camp counsellors out, we are rocking our routine!

This has been a stellar week at camp - their theme was dinosaurs, which Dominic loves.  He did the craft all by himself on Monday - which involved  cutting, coloring, and stapling as well as writing his name.  Given that he didn't bring home a single craft project last year, it was so nice to see him holding it when I picked him up.  

We have done our Gemiini videos 6 times a day, every day.  Wednesday was his first speech and occupational therapy appointment since we started in earnest and his speech therapist noticed a huge improvement in his articulation, specifically the end consonants.   For a week in we are very pleased.  

Today when I picked him up to take him
From day camp to speech and occupation therapies, his lead counselor remakes that he had been "super verbal"
All day.  I like to hear that.  He watched  his Gemiini videos all the way to therapy, then I let him switch the iPad to angry birds for a few minutes before his appointment.   When his ot arrived for him - and I told him it was time to be done with angry birds, he turned it off and went back with no complaining.  A minor miracle!

After his appointment - which he is at right now - we will do Gemiini for the 30 minute drive to my appointment, then the 30 minute drive home.   When we get home he will have a 45 minute ioncleanse by amd footbath, dinner, bath and go to bed.  

He is incredibly excited for our annual circus trip in Saturday. 

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