Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I took Dominic with me to pick some things up from the sporting goods store on the way home from camp yesterday.  he had a blast....

In other news... Gemiini is going much better this week.  I told him he had to do it and he said No, but then when i brought dinner over to the footbath station, he turned his ipad to the app, then i locked it down and we started it.

and then this happened.

On a more serious note...

I know it seems like this is all little stuff - playing appropriately at the store, sitting to do his work.  In my world - we have just scaled a huge mountain!.  For many years, in fact even until just the last 6 months, I specifically scheduled all errands, anything that might require going to a store, or standing ina  line, etc, for when Daddy was home so I didn't have to keep an eye on my little runner / grabber / melt down tantrummer, etc.  Or ordered online.  (developed QUITE the amazon addiction, let me tell you...). 

For me yesterday to CHOOSE to pick Dominic up from camp before going to the store, when I really could've done it the other way with no time issues - that's unheard of.    And he did so well.  He did really want the helium balloon on the display, but he stayed near me, commented on things (like saying "Snow" to the display of skiing), and just about jumped in that boat he was so excited to see it.

This is what the IonCleanse by AMD + working with the Naturopath at Pathways Natural Wellness in Denver has done for us in 2015.   my gratitude to both companies, and the amazing folks working at them is boundless.

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