Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dominic the Protector

The most interesting phenomenon has occured.

The reason we got Kama was that Shanti was getting older and more fragile, and Dominic was getting bigger and wanted to play rougher.  Shanti has had a hard time getting accustomed to the rough puppy play that Kama does and Dominic has taken on a protector role.


Witness the cuteness

He's also been MUCH gentler with Shanti overall, and does his rough play with Kama who loves it.

Kama always goes to bed with Dominic, Dominic will not get in bed unless KAma is in his crate which lives in Dominic's room. Kama will actually whine to get in the room if we accidently leave him out.

So i'm thinking we have a good dog balance going on and as soon as Kama outgrows the desire to chew on Shanti's tail (and my feet, and steal toilet paper, etc etc. The puppy thing) life will be grand.

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