Monday, June 1, 2015

Taking care of Mom

Yes, I realize this blog is about Dominic's journey, but at some point it has to also be about mine. I cannot take care of him if I don't take care of myself.  Thats been my personal theme of 2015 - starting with the footbaths - and was greatly reinforced at AutismOne this year.

This was my third year attending A1, and honestly I got more out of this year than the other two put together. A good part of that is because I went in not locked to a specific protocol this year, but wanting to hear about other things.   Another part of that is the amazing group of healers from all over who volunteered their time in the TMR lounge, from whom I got multiple sessions.  (from different people and different modalities).   The amazing Tami Duncan, who is unfortunately not taking clients at the moment and I really connected.  I also had that kind of connection with 2 other healers, whose websites I don't have.  All three of them, I'm sure I will be doing something with in the future.

Almost by accident, I ended up signing up for a live blood cell analysis done by the CEO of MitoSynergy, Charlie Barker.  It was late Friday night and I was passing through the bar with my friends and they had seen his presentation and introduced me to him.  They wanted the blood analysis and he only took pairs of people to his room, not singles, so i signed up.  And i forgot my appointment and he had to call me to remind me.  It was FASCINATING.  I watched, as he distressed my blood under a microscope attached to the TV, bacteria (probably Lyme, but they didn't wear a name tag) crawled out of my dying blood cells.    It actually shocked me.  And he told me my mitochondria were "starving".  His particular theory is that if you feed the mitochondria the appropriate forms of nutrition (specifically the correct copper), you amp up the immune system and the body itself fights off bacteria etc.  Anyway, he gave me some samples of his product line, which I started taking on May 26.

The first day, I followed his directions, which proved to be too much because by an hour after the product MitoEnergy, my eyeballs were vibrating.  Luckily I had young living's lavender essential oil on my person and was able to stop the amped up reaction.  I've been taking half that since.

In general, I have more energy than I've had in years.  In fact I had so much energy yesterday that I completely overdid it working in my garden and crashed at 7:30pm.  I haven't had my morning cup of strong hot tea in 3 days, which is astonishing as usually i drink it from about 7am until lunch, easily half a dozen cups a day.

I've also been getting up at 4:45 every weekday morning and doing 45 minutes on the treadmill to start my day again. With my ridiculous travel schedule in April and May I had let walking fall by the wayside in favor of more sleep.

Time will tell if this is a healing response or a bandaid.  In the mean time, I feel like myself for the first time in over a decade.

The other product I've brought home to use on myself I have not opened yet. One thing at a time. Its called Restore, and it apparently works by healing up the gut and blocking further glyphosate (monsanto's roundup) damage.    Once I get this Mito stuff worked in to my satisfaction, I will add the restore and let you all know how it does.

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Nancy Means said...

You are such a beautiful soul! I too started the mito... I can only take half and split it in the morning or I do not sleep for days!