Sunday, May 31, 2015

IonCleanse by AMD, Month 5

May was month 5 of our IonCleanse by AMD footbath experience.  First - the study is now over, and released - the results were AMAZING, and I know lots of people saving their pennies for a machine. I want to tell you to buy it because if it doesn't work on your child (and we all know nothing works on every kid) you can return it for a full refund.  The customer service at AMD is stellar.

Even though the study is formally over, I will be doing an monthly roundup on how Dominic is doing from a higher perspective than my usual "right now" blog posts.

First - ATEC:  Holding steady at a 9.   All points remaining are in speech.  We all know the ATEC doesn't measure everything.

The ATEC doesn't measure everything though. It certainly doesn't measure the absolute social blossoming we've seen this month.

Dominic negotiated for a toy with a peer at school during a bartering session he attended as part of their lessons.

Not only did he go to his VERY first ever school dance, he went unchaperoned (no parents allowed) and was so happy to be there that he very literally skipped into the gym waving backwards at us as he moved forward. 

His pretending to be asleep also astonished us.   The level of cognition required to know that Daddy expected him to be sleeping, and to them pretend to do it so Daddy would leave the room is huge.

He has started asking questions

He has learned how to manipulate his ipad into facetiming random people.  He did it to me while I was in Chicago, and we ended up taking off the phone numbers because he was randomly dialling people.   What was adorable was when I caught him doing it the other day, I asked who he was calling and he pointed at the ipad and said "Mommy".  So now he thinks i'm in the ipad.

We are also now very settled into our regime from Pathways Natural Wellness Center, in Denver and eagerly awaiting the next step - delivery of our homeopathic constitutional remedy.   And we are almost 1 week into our Gemiini discreet video modelling program, plus one week of summer camp down.

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