Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pulling together pieces. and Lightbulb moments

Back Story 1

One of the most profound parts of Autism one this year for me was meeting Charlie Barker, the CEO of MitoSynergy and having him do a live blood cell analysis on me which showed that I, in fact, have lyme disease because I saw the spirochetes emerge from my blood cells with my own eyes.  It was a tremendous wake up moment and I came away from A1 knowing I needed to take much better care of myself.  I've been taking the whole spectrum of his products since then.

The Thinking Moms Revolution sponsored a webinar this past week in which Charlie talked about the proper forms of copper, and why that is so important for all of us.  If you have an hour at your disposal, I would encourage you to go watch it.  And pay close attention to his discussion of cellular energy, specifically ATP

Back Story 2

Dominic has, for a number of years, had a weird thing where at the end of the day, right after his bath as we were tucking him into bed, his eyes would dilate ridiculously.  For a long time, we suspected that this was parasites, but eventually realized it was not.  It was adrenal fatigue - that hot bath was the last piece that fatigued him.

There's a whole section of autistic children (arguably, all of them, but we all know that NOTHING applies to all autistic children) who are in a constant state of fight or flight, and that is driven out of the adrenals.  There's even a protocol that uses blood pressure meds to manage the adrenals and get kids out of flight or fight (the book for that is called Hope for the Violently Aggressive Child, in case that applies to you)


Dominic and I drove up to Pathways Natural Wellness Center today to do a remote zyto scan with Charlie to both fine tune my particular needs (so I don't have to buy the whole regime every month because its expensive) and see what Dominic tested for.

We have been working with Pathways for about 7 months now, and my friend, the owner, brought her ASD son over this time to hang out with Dominic (and they did the zyto scan with Charlie as well) and the boys had a fantastic time.  Her son is a few years younger, but the two interacted really well.  Also, adorableness!! (pics shared with permission, of course)


Something giant clicked into place for me.

Charlie was reading the results of one of the boys scans and he made a statement to the effect of "Wow, his adrenals are seriously overworked.  When I see this it means that instead of ATP, the cells are using adrenaline for energy"

Holy light bulb moment, batman!!!!!!!

I've been wondering why we couldn't get Dominic (and by extension all the other kids struggling with it) out of adrenal fatigue mode and the answer is that he's not getting the right form of copper for a plethora of reasons.

He also tested super high for the green tea mixture that MitoSynergy offers, which is extremely antiviral and Charlie's comment about a latent virus was dead on with what we know about how Dominic regressed, etc.

The other quote of the day was "wow you moms take way better care of your kids than yourselves" to which my friend and I about fell off the chairs laughing because its hugely true.

Happily, I only tested for a few of the supplements, not the whole regime, as did Dominic, and I'll be reaching out to our naturopath to talk about how to incorporate those things into Dominic's regime (and honestly, they may have to go in line, we have more stuff that we are lining up to start)

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