Sunday, June 28, 2015

We are everywhere

Yesterday, as Dominic and I were getting ready to leave Pathways, I was unsuprisingly yapping with my friend.  It was about 1.  And Dominic came up to me and emphatically said  "FOOD".  So we went directly to Chipotle (the nearest dietarily appropriate place) and I got him said food.

Normally, if he and I are out without Daddy, I either take him to the bathroom with me or just don't go, but yesterday I kind of had to go and he was NOT going to be taken away from that lovely bowl of chicken, rice, and guacamole.  So I turned to the table next to us, a pair of older teenage boys and I said - could you do me a favor - my son has autism and i HAVE to go to the bathroom, would you just make sure he stays at the table.  They said absolutely and i thanked them when I came out.  At which point one of the boys said to me, "my little brother has the same thing, I get it". 

we are everywhere.

At my business meeting in Dallas last week, I had lunch with a gentleman whose nephew is on the spectrum and violent.  I gave him a list of resources and my card.

we are everywhere.

On the flight home from Dallas, I sat next to a man whose eldest daughter has a seizure disorder.  He lives in Texas, but was at an event in Colorado.  We talked about CBD's and their legalities.  I gave him a reference to Texas MAMMA and my card.

we are everywhere.

And we talk.  We will not stop talking, we will not stop telling our stories.  Because it is in telling our stories that we ensure that we give other new parents a fighting chance to avoid this.  We educate.  We take back our own health.

The media wants us to believe we are alone, and we are fringe.  We are not.  And we are not going to shut up.

My friends had a baby on  Friday.  They are not vaccinating because they do not want a vaccine injury like Dominic.  This is how we win the war - one baby at a time., 

And as California moves towards medical tyranny with SB277, I expect that a couple of things will happen - we will see a huge surge in kindergarteners mysteriously regressing into autism after being caught up on shots and we will see a huge increase in older onset PANDAS and other vaccine injuries as 7th graders are caught up on shots.   We will also see a surge in homeschooling and people leaving California. 

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