Tuesday, June 30, 2015

IonCleanse by AMD, Month 6

I did not run a new ATEC this month, am holding off until next.

Here are the gains we've seen this month.  And we are now gearing up for a very exciting couple of months as we add in a series of new products to see how they go - now that we have the solid detox pathway open and consistently being used we are seeing really great stuff

Dominic has matured significantly in his interaction with our dogs.  He's now become the protector for Shanti, our 11 year old miniature poodle.

We've gone to the store together and It hasn't resulted in a meltdown on my part OR his.

We had an AWESOME family trip to the circus.

He ate.  Alot. And learned how to make his own sandwich.

We found and executed his constitutional homeopathic remedy.  And he's way way calmer now. 

We watched Harry Potter together as a family.  And he wasn't scared of it, and was totally willing to sit and attend to the whole movie.  He was very entralled.

He's been doing really well at camp.  These days when I go drop him off, kids come over for hugs and hellos.  He's very popular.  We have continued the Gemiini speech stuff and I believe his articulation is improving daily.

After my lightbulb moment this weekend, and a quick email back and forth with our naturopath, this is the planned course of action for the next month.  Big changes regime wise in the next week and then we ride it out and see what the rest of July looks like.

1. Restore - we started it Sunday.  I'm already seeing an increase in spontaneous multiword phrases.  Yesterday instead of just saying "hungry", he said to me "I Hungry".   So i have huge hope that we'll see a similar cognitive/verbal boost that other folks are seeing when they repair the gut junctions with Restore.

2.  Mito Synergy - I've ordered the specific sup's that D and I zyto scanned for over the weekend.  My ND doesn't love the product line because of the additives, so we may compromise on the number of products we end up using long term.  We will see.   I expect to start the biggies, the MitoSynergy original formula and the green tea this coming weekend.  This will address Dominic's adrenal fatigue by providing the proper copper for ATP.,  Then his body will run on ATP, not adrenaline. (I have been taking this product line for about a month and am almost entirely off caffiene now. I think I've had my morning cup of tea once in the laste week).  Charlie promised that a month of green tea would take care of the lingering viral issues and then we wouldn't need it anymore. 

That leaves these two products on deck without a start date assigned to them.  They are up for discussion.

3. PeaPure - this is an antiiflammatory, with 30 years of safety studies in europe behind it.  None in the us, of course. 

4.  EMPower - I'm on the fence about this to be honest - it was a gift, and may improve Dominic's symptoms, but i'm not happy with the fact that it has straight folic acid in it and the wrong form of copper.  We will see if we actually start it,.

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