Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What did you just spell???

Yesterday as I was picking Dominic up from day camp, he stopped and he spelled something. I almost didn't catch it because lately he's been spelling UP and DINOSAUR frequently (both favorite movies.  After doing a double take, his counselor and I looked at each other and realized he spelled ratatouille. Miss Jess (his counselor, also a teacher) said to me "I can't spell ratatouille".    We were BOTH completely blown away.  If he can spell like this, the next step is to make the jump to whole word recognition and then he will be reading.  Any suggestions for making this jump will be happily accepted!

What is particularly fascinating about this is that well yes he does love the movie Ratatouille, he has not been fixated on it for months or even watched it in recent memory. So that thing that the Gemini folks say where they say that our kids are absorbing information and learning it even though they can't regurgitate it – they're right.  It become a matter of clearing the toxins out of his cells ( IonCleanse by AMD) so they can communicate and appropriately supplementing the nutrition his body needs to encourage that communication (Pathways Natural Wellness and Dr Kara).

So... of course I had him do it again for the camera.  

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