Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What a week, and its only Wednesday

I spent yesterday afternoon sitting in the waiting room while Dominic got OT and ST, watching live the California senate hearings on SB277.  Watching both sides, hearing the lies come out of Senator Pan's mouth, watching my fellow TMR's online have minor meltdowns.  Hearing the rational, factual rebuttal from the opposition.  Then, once we got home, i watched the public comment for hours - and there were 52 in favor and over 2000 in opposition.  People I know personally drove to the capital, many with their clearly vaccine injured children to make their objections known.   Not going to lie - i was crying my eyes out while cooking - the bravery of speaking out, the tidal wave of support for freedom to take care of our childrens medical decisions, touched me deeply.  

So - California legislators once again ignored the plethora of protestors for SB277, which will strip the parental right to decide what goes into their childs body, and require children to be fully up to schedule on all vaccines for entry into school at Kindegarten and 7th grade.

In doing so, they've managed to unite the strangest of bedfellows, who are now standing with the parents of vaccine injured children. ...
Anonymous Hacker Group
The Nation of Islam

We no longer are screaming into the tornado ourselves.  We have backup!  California has woken a sleeping dragon.  Watch this, which I did earlier and was covered in goosebumps: 

While I fully expect that the remaining steps to pass this bill will be just as clearly purchased by Merck, the prospect of being able to actually litigate in a court of law with DISCOVERY has many in our community absolutely giddy.  You see, we can't do that right now - thanks to the 1986 law that gave pharmaceutical companies no liability to any side effects of vaccines.  BUT - if CA is going to mandate it, then CA itself as a state can be sued for vaccine injury - Californians can skip the tedious federal process and just sue their state.  

I am convinced this will end up a supreme court decision.

And for the record, Dominic has a medical exemption even though Colorado allows religious and philosophical.  And should CO change their laws, and we lose our medical exemption (because also in CA yesterday they quietly passed through a law giving financial incentives to doctors who maintain high vaccination rates)... we would homeschool.  Dominic is never having another shot.  


I got a letter today forwared from TRE, that said this:
"If you’d like to share your thoughts on the biggest issues in child and adolescent health or the questions you have, The Colorado Children’s Outcomes Network would like to invite you to take part in an interview.
Who they are:
Colorado Children’s Outcomes Network is a collaboration of pediatric practices from across the state of Colorado.  These practices work together to answer important questions about child health and healthcare through research.  They are committed to including parents, patients, doctors, and other community in our research to make sure it is relevant to you and your healthcare.
Why they want to talk to you:
They think that most parents probably have questions about health that you or your child’s doctor may not have the answers to. Or maybe you see a child and adolescent health issue in your community that you think we could help solve.
They would like to talk to you about these topics and the questions you have.
By talking to parents of children and teens all over the state, they hope to understand what are the biggest questions that need to be answered, and then try to answer them."

You know I have called and volunteered to be interviewed.  We'll see when it gets scheduled for.  You also know that my biggest question will be this: Why can I, as a parent, spend $99 and get the full DNA mapping for my child that shows he has a compound heterozygous MTHFR genetic mutation and should never have been vaccinated at all because he has no genetic ability to detoxify the vaccines out, but DNA testing prior to vaccines is not done at birth.

I can't wait!  I'm actually rubbing my hands together and cackling I'm so excited about this!


Today is day 2 of 3 of our constitutional homeopathic remedy.    Last night I texted our ND to tell her that we'd given the remedy and Dominic was stimming like crazy - growling, doing the fast hand movements, etc.  She said that was not unexpected and in fact a good sign - that often they saw retracing behaviors before kids got better.  That it was a way to know we probably hit on the right remedy.  Today has been a really good day for Dominic.  Very compliant, had a good time on the field trip to the recycling center, etc.  (i know, i thought it was a weird field trip too)

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