Friday, July 31, 2015


So over the last 3 years, we've raved about the YMCA day camp program here in Colorado Springs.  Got to admit, this year we haven't felt as warm and fuzzy that Dominic was getting good social interaction because at drop off and pickup, he has inevitably been hanging out by himself on the fringe of the group.

Then today.

Today the lead counselor decided to send me pictures because, in her words, Dominic is having an awesome day.  And it made her happy, so in turn it made me happy

This first one I took as I was leaving this morning's drop off - these mats are Dominic's favorite spot. 

The remaining are pictures that she sent of him interacting so well with the other kids.

This basket was apparently made reversed. 

Man is he ever focusing....

And comparing...

And really?  My low tone, struggling with writing, RARELY draws child did the black tractor with a critter following???  REALLY???

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