Tuesday, August 18, 2015

5th grade ramblings

Today is the first day of 5th grade.  Not really sure how that happened.

This morning, I realized that Dominic has skipped 2 shoe sizes entirely.  the shoes he wore all summer were 2 1/2.  This morning I wanted him to wear his ID necklace and he was not having it.  So I dug through the closet to find the next size up shoes that are laced so that I could lace the ID onto his shoe.   They are a size 4.  I was SURE they wouldn't fit.  They fit.

When we dropped by school yesterday to show him his classroom and desk, we realized he is as tall as his favorite one on one para and the social worker who adores him.   Also not sure how that happened.

The other funny from this morning is that I picked out red shorts for him to wear with his blue Angry Birds shirt.  He sat up in bed and handed them back and said "Yellow Shorts".   He wanted the khaki shorts you see in the below picture of him waiting for the bus. 

Note That Kama is Extremely interested in these goings on.

And just for cuteness factor - around here Dominic delays bedtime by kissing everyone, including the dogs, goodnight.

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