Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chasing a other puzzle piece...

So last week Friday night, I posted this in a facebook group "Okay I don't know where to go with this. Our OT has discovered a phenomenon that may make a lot sense and I am wondering if it's a form of visual processing disorder and/or dyslexia. When the therapist hold a picture up vertically Dominic can duplicate it almost perfectly. When the therapist has the picture flat on the table and upside down to d, he can also draw it beautifully and right side up to him. When the pic is flat and facing d, he is barely able to do stick figure. I have asked the therapist to duplicate this before I make d's iep put everything vertical for him, but what other thoughts do ya'll have for visual processing disorder?"

Within minutes I was connected with Patty Lemer  who asked me the following questions, to which I answered all of them YES: Does he have other visual symptoms? Stims? Squint? Look out of the side of his eye?
She then said "He definitely needs a developmental vision exam to see if he is using both eyes together."

She found me a developmental optometrist in our area who has the skillset to diagnose based on behavior not verbals, called and confirmed that they take medicaid (so we can the waiver we finally got), and paved the way for me to make an appointment.

We go see them next week.

If its nothing, fantastic its ruled out.

If its something, it may be huge.  Could you imagine if your brain randomly skipped things and turned them upside down? It would be horribly difficult to learn to read (among other things)

From what I understand, if we find problems, we have several directions we could go to resolve them.
We could look at MNRI , which is the gold standard for re-integrating primitive reflexes.  This would require some serious fundraising.  I'm guessing it would be a $10K adventure after we added in flights, food, and hotel.  This would be my preference, because if we're going to do this, we should do it as best we can.

We could look at Vision Therapy
We could look at Brain Balance

We will see what comes of the appointment.  Its 8-27

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