Sunday, August 23, 2015

Baby pig

This morning was a lovely cool morning and I took full advantage of the opportunity to spend a few hours weeding my vegetable garden.  Judging from the 3 garbage bags of weeds, it clearly needed it.  Daddy was at work, and Dominic was happily amusing himself. I came in to get another trash bag at one point and discovered he'd tucked himself into bed with his ipad.

this is unusual.  I believe even a first.

The remainder of the story requires a history lesson.  Dominic has, for MANY years (even pre regression) carried around fidget toys.   What they are varies wildly, but generally they are animal themed.    I can remember searching outside with a flashlight to find the one he lost so he would stop screaming and go to sleep when he was still just a toddler.  Of late he's been carrying around, and sleeping with a trio of tiny pigs, including a baby pig, and a mouse.  2 nights ago, he very specifically gave the mouse a bath with soap, rinsed it off and dried it, then looked up to me and said "Mouse Bath"

Anyway.  Dominic bed has a gap, and storage underneath it.  OFTEN he will lose toys during the night and be extremely determined to crawl under the bed to find them the next morning.  

This morning, he had misplaced the baby pig.

So when I asked him why he was using his ipad in his bed.... this is what I got:

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