Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Holy Food Allergy Panel BATMAN

I had a followup facetime with Dr Kara this morning to review Dominic's IgG food sensitivity panel.  

To review, IgG is about food sensitivity, not anaphylaxis. The name of the game we are playing here is to remove as much as we can diet wise that might be adding to Dominic's inflammation load in both his body and brain.  

The most interesting part of the panel is that NONE of the foods were out of the "green" status.  This means that odds are good Dominic is not making IgA in his gut. (this is an immuno deficiency kind of thing. I can't actually explain it right now but will try to come back with links that explain it) . In cases like this, Dr Kara reads the report using the lowest reactivity food and compares all the rest of the results to the lowest reactions.

Its easier to say what Dominic CAN eat than what he can't.  Most alarming is that he is having inflammatory reactions to all animal proteins and all legumes right now.   Since growing children need protein, we compromised and are leaving chicken, lamb, eggs and duck eggs in (his lowest reactions) for the next 6 weeks. (well once I figure out menus, probably not til the weekend I'm thinking)  We are removing all seafood, beef, turkey, and pork as well as all legumes and grains. (actually he CAN have barley, thats the only grain he can have - pulling rice and corn are going to suck).  Instead of cooking with chicken/turkey/beef stock I will be cooking with vegetable stock. (big change). Maybe I'll make lamb stock.  That could be interesting.

So what he CAN eat:  All vegetables except mushrooms and garlic (i know).  Potatoes, Sweet potatoes and winter squash are going to be his "fillers" instead of grains and legumes.  All fruit except oranges and bananas.   In the nut category he can have pecans, cashews, hazelnuts and coconut.  (no almonds! eegads).  Absolutely no dairy of any form.

We discussed Dominic's "hollow leg" problem.   Dr Kara has seen this hollow leg problem frequently in children who don't make enough stomach acid - they may be EATING and digesting all the food but they are not absorbing the nutrition from the food.  I asked about doing HCL.  She said that HCL is good if you want to just add acid to the stomach, but that she prefers adding a TB of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar before meals to stimulate the body to make its stomach acid itself.  Fingers crossed he'll just shoot it for me out of a shot glass.  We will start that tonight.

I asked her about the 8/1/1 diet (which is raw and all fruits /veg).  She said no because she doesn't think he's making enough stomach acid to break down the raw food enough to get his nutrients.

So. Now i need to start wrapping my head around what dinners are going to look like for the next 6 weeks.  The plan is to go super strict for 6 weeks and then play with adding other stuff in on a rotational basis.  (Don't freak about Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad, I will have this fully under control by then, promise!)

When we discussed the lack of IgA in the body, her response was that my instinct to start Dominic on MAFActive transdermal cream (which we started this past weekend) was right on.  That's immune support.   That also explains why he did so well on GcMAF injections when we did those a few years ago.  We also started glutathione a few weeks, and we decided that we will double his dose in a few weeks to also support his immune system. 

Next up, Developmental Optometrist appointment on Thursday.  

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