Wednesday, August 26, 2015

IgA Deficiency Notes

Move right along, this is just for me to keep track of my research. Unless you are tremendously interested.  In which case, I'd love feedback.

After Dr Kara mentioned yesterday that she didn't think that D was making  IgA in his body, i starting researching.  (this should suprise no one)

First stop was my girls on facebook using GcMAF products, namely MAFactive transdermal cream, since thats what we've started this past weekend.   Came out of that with this graphic.

First thought - So... IgA deficiency disorder is apparently a Thing.
Second thought -  damn my instincts are good. Starting MAFActive cream was totally a gut reaction on my part and in fact against the advice that I'd been given by Dr Kara at our previous appointment. (I'm kind of a rebel like that)

Using my Google-Fu, i've found the following interesting links

Selective IgA deficiency
Immonoglobin A Deficiency

So short version is  that this could lead to CVID.  There is not really a treatment, other than being aware of impending respiratory and gastrointestinal infections.  There is a precaution against receiving blood transfusions that I need to research further just in case.

This is likely genetic.  I've asked Dr Kara to take a peek for some of the mutations that i found mentioned and see we have them. Interestingly this is linked to the following things which are ALL over my family on both sides
Thyroid disease
Hearing Loss
Chronic pneumonia
Chronic sinus infections
Chronic diarrhea
Celiac Disease

I am not sure that there's a reason to pursue a formal diagnosis for Dominic because it would require a blood draw.  I may ask the docs to test ME for it purely out of curiosity.    I will be adding this to my list of things to keep in mind should I happen to bump into an immunologist at any of the conferences I attend.

This may be a link that gets us the answer of why a flu virus caused Dominics full on regression.  He's the only kid I know that regressed from a virus not a vaccine.

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