Thursday, August 27, 2015

Beginning of school meeting, check.

Dominic's year is off to a great start.  We met with his team at school yesterday and discussed a number of things ~

- Writing some personal / sexual safety pieces into his IEP (on me to go find some verbage. I need to find my A1 Notebook, I have the name and number of the woman who presented)

-  We presented Gemiini, and they were duly impressed

-  We learned that thus far this fall he is noticeably improved over last spring in the following areas: ability to sit longer, articulation, multiple word usage (particularly around requesting)

- reinforced that they cannot feed him anything I don't send in.

It was a good meeting.  Dominic's going to have a more challenging academic year....  They are phasing out the calculator and working on touch math.  I told them that I want him reading by the end of the school year.  They are doing 3 or so different approaches plus we shared the ones we are doing at home.

But the biggest news (to me) out of the meeting is that one of Dominic's friends (coincidentally the same one we randomly went sledding with last winter) asked for his phone number and told me that he wants to have a sleepover.


ya'll.  Really???

We'll start with some play dates and work up.  I've been in contact with his Dad and we will make it happen.  I think we are going to revisit the boy scout thing too as this family is the one running that program.  Their fall sign up is next week, so we haven't missed it.

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