Thursday, August 6, 2015

Current snapshot of protocols

Just to keep track of EVERYTHING because things are going so well for Dominic right now, here is the current snapshot of protocols.

1.  Footbaths using an IonCleanse by AMD machine:  We do 45 minutes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  This has become clearly foundational for us and we will never be without it.

2.  Daily nutritional supplementation (diet remains gluten, dairy and soy free with no artificial anything)
Freshly juiced veggies (carrot, celery, cucumber, beet, greens, apples)- 8 oz per day

Blue Ice FCLO - 2 caps 2x  a day
Trace minerals - 2 cap 2x a day
D3 2000 iu - 2 cap  2x a day (currently costco brand, that will change soon. so no link)
Liver / GI Detox  1  2x a day
B complex - 2  caps 1x a day
Magnesium - 2 caps 1x a day
SAM-E  1 caps 1x a day
Restore 1 tsp 10min before food
MindWise Liquid 1 TB 1x a day
PEAPure - 2 caps am / 1 cap pm

3.  Daily Gemiini Video modelling (at breakfast and dinner, watching videos for about an hour total during the day)

4.  Occupational and Speech therapy - 3x a week (1 hour OT and 1/2 an hour Speech at each appt)

5.  Chiropractic - 1x a week

6.  Inclusion in YMCA day camp with no aide for socialization

7.  Homeopathy (constitutional)  We aren't actually taking the tablets right now, but i'm assured by our Naturopath that the remedy we did in June is still actively working

Coming Soon:
-We will be switching the D3 to a D3/K2 mix. 
-Lipsomal Glutathione - to reduce oxidative stress, increase the bodies ability to detoxify at a cellular level
-JuvaCleanse Essential Oil - to assist in liver support and detoxification (external use)
-MAFActive cream:  This is a transdermal version of the GCMAF shots we did for so long that helped cognition so much.  I'm excited to see if this works for us. 
-Methylated B Vitamins - the thing his body needs most just isn't ready for yet.  Expect to start those in October.

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