Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Best dentist visit of his life!

History lesson:
Dominic has NEVER done great at the dentist.  At best, he's allowed them to clean the front of his teeth, never the backs, I've had to do the flossing (the hygenist was impressed with my technique), and he's fought the whole visit terribly.  We pretty much have been relegated to the screamer room, which is the only one with doors.

This time, both Daddy and I went with him.  When our hygenist came to get him from the waiting room where he was happily playing their video game, he took her by the hand and drug her back to the room.

The first words out of her mouth were "wow, those teeth are really really clean".  We have been off CD since Feb, and it was the CD that was staining them horribly.  The staining was really minimal today compared to a year ago.

He laid still the ENTIRE time.  He did hold mom and dad's hands while she cleaned the backs of his teeth because of the tickle factor.  This was the FIRST time ever that he's allowed them to clean the backs of his teeth!    Our hygenist was Blown Away.   We were blown away.  So very proud of how well he did today, and this is such a testament that we are on the right path with our current treatment regime.


He even allowed her to floss him!  Without biting!

Then our dentist came in, poked and prodded, was AMAZED at how well Dominic was behaving AND talking (the movie How to Train your dragon was on the TV that is on the ceiling - and Dominic randomly said "Volcano" to which every adult in the room turned upside down to see what he was talking about.  Yep, a volcano).

Dominic's upper palate is extremely crowded still.  We extracted his baby canines a few years back to give some room on the top and we are now planning our end game move - which will be extracting the baby and adult bicuspids to allow room for the adult canines to drop into place.  Our dentist fully agrees that an orthodontic solution is not right for our sensory boy which is why we are doing extractions.   This would be the end of it, tho.   We are looking probably within 1-2 years.  And we will find an oral surgeon that takes medicaid so we can use our waiver to cover the cost of the anesthesia when the time comes.

If you are near Colorado Springs and looking for a pediatric dentist who is AMAZING with special needs kids... go see Dr Callahan. 

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