Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ren faire!!

As part of Daddy's 50th birthday celebration weekend, we went to the Renaissance Festival to enjoy their last weekend of the season.

Before we got there, Dominic told us his neck hurt.  And it hurt him enough that he was sort of lilting to the left until we ran into our Chiropractor at the festival and she promptly fixed it.  We believe that after Kama stole his watermelon at the birthday party Saturday night he screwed it up wrestling with the dog.  He was NOT amused that the dog stole his watermelon.   Anyway.
Do ya'll get how big this for a kiddo who used to have no sensitivity at all to pain, and who instead of communicating would just scream and bang his head on the wall to redirect the pain??  Its ENORMOUS.  And he was in enough pain my peppermint EO pain relieving mix wasn't touching it andI gave him a pain killer I had in my purse which is a first - I have never given him any meds for pain. 

Anyway, back to the story.
We went to the festival with zero agenda.  We asked Dominic if he'd like a painting on his body.  He said yes, picked out a dragon and gave them his arm. 
He sat still for the entire painting.  This is also enormous.  He then proceeded to spend the rest of the day being super careful not to smear his dragon.

Showing off his dragon.

And here's a close up.  The artist asked if he wanted sparkles and he said YES!

His favorite thing EVER is to ride the elephant. So he and Daddy managed to get the elephant (there are 3) that was NOT interested in walking around until she ate, pooped, drank, and got a bath.  All with them on her back.  It was almost amusing how many times the other elephants lapped them.  
And here she is eating.  
While they sit.

Checking out the hammock chairs while protecting his dragon.

The grey hound rescue booth is fun.  The dogs are very sweet. And kissy.  And Dominic loved this one so much he tried to take it for a walk.

Trying to get the camel pointed in the right direction for a photo:

Works a LOT better with food in your hand:

Happily riding the camel.  This is the first time he's ridden the camel without one of us holding onto him. I was actually on the front side of the camel hump while he was on the back. 

Posing with the very silly hat that he fell in love with on the way out.

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