Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

We have been celebrating Daddy's 50th birthday all weekend!

We had a fantastic cookout on Saturday night in which there was much playing and laughing. Dominic ate approximated 37 pieces of meat.  (only slightly exaggerating, it was astonishing).

We had a great trip to the Renaissance Festival yesterday - pictures to come tomorrow.

Dominic made the BEST gift for Daddy ever.  Shout out to the awesome Occupational Therapy team at The Shandy Clinic for not blinking an eye when I asked them to come up with a craft and then have Dominic make it.   They had him make a scrap book, and I gave them carte blanche to pull whatever pictures they wanted to from my facebook.

Here're a few of the pages they made.  Not gonna lie, Daddy got a little choked up when he opened his present.

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