Sunday, August 2, 2015

7 months into the IonCleanse by AMD

So July was our month 7 of doing the IonCleanse by AMD foot bath as the foundation of our healing work with Dominic.

Here are the notables for the month:

Spelling really hard words
We started working on practicing sight words.
He started enjoying bedtime stories again.
His sensory issues have waned enough to actually play with hair gel
He has begun asking to go hiking with me
He has had the BEST days ever at camp

His interaction level is amazing
He is now wanting to draw and color - a developmental stage he missed out on.
He is talking MUCH more clearly

Its onward and upward from here :)

I feel like we have finally - after 7 years of looking - found the right order in which to do things.  Detox - support genetic mutations - heal the gut - address inflammation.  And just think, we are still 2 months away from the line in the sand where we will add methylated B12 - the actual thing Dominic's cells NEED.   We are getting more progress than we've ever gotten and we haven't added the top several layers to the cake yet!  Next up - as soon as it arrives - we will add liposomal glutathione to help increase detoxification.

I've also ordered JuvaCleanse oil from Young Living this month - its a potent liver  support and I plan to rub it on his liver every evening before bed.  Multiple folks doing this are getting way more gunk out with the footbaths. Its expensive, so i've got my fingers crossed.

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