Saturday, August 29, 2015

So close to reading

Oh he wants to read SO badly.  And he's *right there*.   One of the things we have done as part of this new visual processing disorder is remove all video games from the devices (iphones and ipads), because they do the reverse in the brain of what vision therapy will do.    We have a meeting this weekend with Patty Lemer to talk about more details and what else we will be shifting.  I expect we will be sorting out the Vision Therapy stuff next week.  I kind of needed a day to process the enormity of what is coming.

Yesterday there was no school.  So at one point during the afternoon, I told Dominic it was time to turn off the TV and get some toys to play with.  he brought up a pile of cars from his bedroom and I asked him to tell me a story about them.

He said "story" and disappeared back downstairs.  He came back upstairs with an early reader book based in the world of CARS.  
And he handed it to me.  And I told him to go sit down and read it himself.  (No, I don't think he's actually reading, I think he WANTS to.)

Here's a quickie video of this.    He actually told me some of what he was looking at.  I feel like we are right on the cusp of reading.  The key is going to be things that he loves.  I need to find a whole disney series of very beginning story books.

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