Sunday, August 30, 2015

More on the Vision stuff...

writing down my notes primarily to have logged in case I lose the piece of paper.  We had a very good call with Patty Lemer yesterday

Books to buy
Outsmarting Autism - Patty Lemer (already own, need to finish reading)
Anything by Andrew Moulden
Begin Where they Are

First - Dr Moulden (deceased very recently of a mysterious heart attack in his 40's) believed that vaccines always damage the eyes.  Always.

The eyes are nutritionally the most demanding of all organs

The exciting thing is we have found Dominic's missing piece.  Whether there are more missing pieces remains to be seen, but Patty was emphatic that this is a HUGE missing piece.  Vision is a huge conglomerate of skills. 2 eyes have to work together; the eyes and the brain have to work together, and then the eyes, brain, and body have to work together.  There are many steps that go to a child calling his mother mommy - he has to see with his eyes, his brain has to identify that this is mommy, send a trigger to the speech center to speak, and his voice has to say Mommy.   It becomes a visual recognition to use integration of senses, ability to focus and give meaning.  That ability starts at birth with reflexes and motor experiences.

All babies are farsighted.

The Eyes take the brain to infinity. As the eyes go, so the brain goes, then the body goes.

The sequence in which children develop is as follows

M (motor)
MV (Motor visual)
VM (Visual Motor)
V (Visual)

The move from MV to VM is a huge step;  visual motor (seeing something before moving towards it) is a much higher function than bumping into something then seeing it (MV)

The final step - V - is being able to act upon visual input without moving.  This is where comprehension, reading, creativity, etc take place.  This is our end goal.  We aren't there.  If I had to guess, we are teetering between MV and VM.   We need to make the move to VM and then the move to V.

So how do we get there.

LOTS of movement.  Sedentary anything is bad at this point.  We want his body moving around. We want him looking and then moving towards what he is looking at - things like playing catch, skipping, swinging, jumping on the trampoline WHILE bouncing a ball, running, climbing, etc.  We want to do lots of hand eye coordinating on a LARGE level then take it to a small level.  We get vision through movement.  We strengthen the motor component so that vision can then stand alone.

We will begin allowing no more than 20 minutes of TV a day.  The rest will need to be big gross motor playing and movement.  (that's going to be interesting come winter. We will deal with it)

We do not want him calm and quiet in academics.  We want him moving and jumping and using manipulatives instead of the computer.  We want 3 dimensional learning verses 2.  (school may lose their minds when i tell them to give him a total max of 20 minutes of computer time per day)  We want ACTIVITY.   We want him doing ANY gross motor activity that has him using his eyes.  Riding a bike, sledding, playing basketball, etc.

She also encouraged us to get glasses so that he doesn't strain his eyes on the close up stuff at school.   We will discuss that at our next meeting with the optometrist

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