Monday, August 31, 2015

One Befuddled little boy

This weekend we made major changes.

Dietarily, I've switched to Lamb, chicken and eggs as Dominic's proteins, potatoes and winter squashes and his starch and cashews and pumpkin seeds instead of almonds and peanut butter.  His fruits are now minus bananas and oranges.  And he has no mushrooms or garlic in his life.   He does still have GF oatmeal.  This is a good thing.

(i took away his bacon, pork sausage, turkey, and beef).   The bacon and sausage part is pretty huge.

My village sent me multiple awesome recipes -  this weekend I made armenian spiced leg of lamb roast (whole family loved that), gluten free lamb gyros in a meatloaf pan (Dominic inhaled it, I didn't love it myself), egg cups with chicken sausage, onions and spinach in them (kiddo snuck 3 while i was dishing up his gyros meat and potatoes for lunch.  he likes them), and Chicken with zucchini poppers (basically ground chicken, grated zucchini, green onions, cilantro and some spices turned into meatballs).

Routine wise - we've taken all games off the ipad and our phones.  We've kept the TV off the majority of the day (huge shift) and sent him outside to play when he whined about it.  Saturday was less dramatic than Sunday. He's bored.  I can tell - I caught him several times trying to download games onto the ipad.  Fortunately, he doesn't have the password.

We played catch with a ball and I made him count with me while we did it.  We got up to about 30 before he started throwing the ball harder than it should be thrown inside.  He walked both dogs in the backyard.   He picked up a book some friends gave him a few weeks ago about a duck on a bike and had me read it to him.  He flipped through books on his own.   I think that weekdays this shift will be easier because we'll be busier - we can do "homework" (which will be big gross motor stuff and some sight word practice and stories) for longer and he can run around outside for longer and I can put him to bed earlier.

The big point to this post is we radically changed his life - we took away his bacon and 95% of his screen time on a full moon and he didn't come unglued.  He is definitely befuddled.

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