Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 5

 ... of almost no TV and no games on the ipad.  School is brainstorming how to incorporate my request for minimal to no computer time.  As I expected its caused a bit of a kerfluffle. 

We did let him watch maybe 15 minutes of his movie this morning while we were getting showered, etc.  Thats it.   He's still trying to download apps onto the ipad, even though he does not know the password.

He is only getting ipad time for the Gemiini app.  He is getting zero television after school.   Ya'll this is a GIANT change for him and he's done pretty well. We are noticing a lot of verbal stimming is back (the dreaded squealing), and I'm hoping that's just a reaction to the routine change.  (it could also be a reaction to doubling his glutathione dose, but I doubt it)

So what are we doing instead?

As we wait for the bus, we are playing catch with a soccer ball while I  either have him count or I sing row row row your boat.  (note to self, find better songs).

After school, he's doing his sight word practice, then going outside to play.  On Wednesdays and Fridays he's then going to Occupational and Speech therapy.  He's actually almost learned how to swing.  He's at least got the idea that he can shift his body weight to make the swing move - we are working on the leg piece.

And he's jumping.  The trampoline is awesome.

He's also doing some spontaneous play outside.  Yesterday he came running in to tell us there were helicopters in the sky.  And there were.  2 of them.  (military doing exercises, I suspect).  So we had him count them and then he went downstairs and got his toy helicopter and was outside playing with it around the deck.

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