Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sexual Safety

I know that this isn't usually started for kids until Middle school, but the whole pedophile in the YMCA little boys locker room thing has me entirely on edge.  Yes we talked to the police, No Dominic's picture was not taken, Yes the man was in the little boys locker room the same time as Dominic.   So at our school meeting last week I specifically mentioned writing a personal sexual safety IEP goal for Dominic in the context of if something happened, he is unable to tell us.   The principal is entirely in favor as was the SPED teacher, however they have no curriculum for it as sex ed of any type is a middle school thing, so they asked me to come up with appropriate verbage.

Enter My Village

I posted on facebook, and tagged several moms I know who specialize in this sort of thing and in 2 hours I had a ton of resources.  This post is for me to come back to and use for writing said goal.

My action items:
I need to get my hands on the school districts bullying, code of conduct and sexual harassment policies.
I need to see the districts healthy maturation curriculum

I need to review these links:




And then I need to craft a goal that includes age appropriate objectives around sexual safety.

And I need to talk to them about a peer buddy.  Particularly as he starts middle school.  Peer mediation is is evidence based (see page 20 of that link), so the school shouldn't balk. 

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