Thursday, September 17, 2015


Dominic and Jonny (pic shared with permission)

A month or so ago, I told you all about the OT who caught something weird about how Dominic did his drawings.  That Catch has led us to Vision Therapy and a diagnosis of Convergence insufficiency. It has led us to testing primitive reflexes and discovering they are all disintegrated on his right side. It has led to a bazillion light bulb moments about speech and fine motor skills.

That OT, Jonny, is headed to his next internship next week and today was Dominic's last appointment with him.

Over the last 7 1/2 years, Dominic has had more therapists than I can count. If I had to guess he has had between 60 and 100 different people who have worked one on one with him for the variety of disciplines (OT, ST, ABA,  para's at school, etc).  A few of those have been memorable and we have stayed in touch with.  Very few of them have been as extraordinary as Jonny.  Dominic has absolutely flourished with Jonny. 

So, Jonny, while I know your next internship is not in pediatrics, I hope you realize that you have a gift with special needs children.  You need to end up working with kids.  The Special needs community NEEDS you and therapists like you.   You have found in Dominic a brain injury that 60+ trained and certified therapists in multiple disciplines over 7 years missed.  And I REALLY hope you end up back here in Colorado Springs where we can get Dominic working with you regularly.

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