Saturday, September 26, 2015

On Hope.

I ran this little tidbit 5 years ago - long before TMR came into my life and before AMD gave me real hope. Even before our side journeys into the unique healing and CD protocols... before the things that gave me REAL hope.


I know a while back I talked about how glad I was to have hope, and to not believe the people who tell us that we have no options for treatment for Dominic. How I'd rather have false hope than false despair. I've also talked with many people about choosing to not allow anyone to steal my hope - those people who tell me that i'm in denial... that goes right in one ear and out the other, because I simply won't allow anyone to take my hope away.

Anyway. Today over at Hopeful Parents I caught this lovely article about wishes vs. Hope.

Love this quote
"Hoping isn't like wishing. Hope isn't directed at anyone and is rooted firmly in reality. Hope requires hard work, long days and exhausting nights... Hope admits that success isn't granted, it is earned. Hope knows that achievement comes with a few battle scars. It is optimistic without being flighty. Hope gets up even when it's been knocked down a few times. Hope knows that sometimes it will lose, but it tries anyway."

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