Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vision Therapy - Here we go!

Today we got the results of the last 2 weeks of intensive vision therapy testing and the treatment plan. I was actually not suprised at all.

Dominics actual vision is 20/20.  (tested with both eyes together not singly)

First, the doctors specific concerns:
Tracking:  The ability to move your eyes together, aka eye training.  Dominic is unable to fixate on and follow an object.  We will be working on moving his eyes without moving his head.

Eye Teaming, aka Binocularity:  This is getting the eyes to work together.  Dominic has a convergence insufficiency.  His eyes do not focus together on items 6-8 inches away from his face and closer.   Specifically the right eye drifts off.

They were unable to get an accurate measure of his depth perception, but we suspect its there and and not perfect.  It is part of the convergence insufficiency problem.

Interesting facts - 60-80% of the brain deals with vision processing per current research.  You can diagnose a concussion with a fast eye test.  Fascinating stuff.

Here are the tests that the Doc did and Dominic's scoring. (which interestingly is in line with the current OT age based scoring.  I like it when things line up like that)

VMI (visual motor integration) test:  Dominics outright score is 5 years 6 months.  THe subtests of motor coordination/fine motor he got 4 years 11months and the visual processing/perception he got 6years 8 months.

Interestingly, he did much better with larger pictures than smaller in this test.  One of the things we will ask school to do is blow up all exercises so they are really big font.   Size apparently does matter when it comes to vision therapy.

Dominic has developed an adaptive habit, we don't know from where - either school or alpine - of placing dots where his lines need to stop and start.  When he has the stop/start dots he can do a very good job at copying a shape.  Without the dots he was kind of a hot mess.  This is called a visual closure issue - the ability to complete an image. 

 Perception test (complete the incomplete human picture)
 This is a developmental test that is a little more subjective with the scoring.  He scored at 5 years old on it with glimpses of 10 (he gave the guy eyebrows which a 10yo would do, but he pointed both feet the same direction which scores as 4 years old.  really interesting scoring)

Split form board test
This was shapes in pieces that he had to put back in a puzzle.  He completed it in 55 seconds which is a 9year old level.

Rotating Keys test
He completed in 1 minute and 30 second AND crossed midline to do it.  That is called the Wachs Cognitive analysis and he score 5 years 11months.


So.  We are guestimating 30-40 sessions of Vision Therapy to sort out the above issues or 8-10 months.  Fixing his vision will help so much with reading.  Basically the poor kiddo has double vision right now when he tries to read.

The doctor reevaluates every 8 sessions

And in a hugely amusing twist apparently the office manager typed up a script for use with the insurance company based on what I told her I used to get insurance to agree to cover this and 2 more people have now gotten insurance coverage.  Insurance is a game and if you don't know how to play it they won't help you.  You do... and they get real nice real fast.

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