Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sensory Balancing Therapy

I rarely impulse buy at conferences, especially spendy items. 

I knew that I wanted to attend the sensory balancing presentation at GR because of what we're working on right now with Dominic's vision therapy and primitive reflex integration work.  Unfortunately I was prepping for the IonCleanse presentation so didn't catch the presentation.  I did spend a good half an hour discussing our situation (both Dominic's sensory issues and Daddy's lingering head injury) with the creator of this method, Kelly Armstrong, and in fact purchased a device.    It was expensive, so I'm glad I worked a good portion of the conference because I ended up coming out even.

From the manual:

"Sensory Balancing therapy is the physical input of concentrated microcurrent or acupressure to therapeutically active points in order to assist the neurological tasks of processing and integrating sensory information from the body and the environment in order to contribute to improvement in emotional regulation, learning, behavior, and participation in daily life"

From my conversations with Kelly, I understand that this microcurrent can stimulate tissue growth, cellular communication, and open pathways.  Like a dork (because i hadn't realized they were right beside the OxyHealth booth), I piped up and said "Oh, kind of like HBOT", and she laughed and said exactly.

Also from the manual:
"When injured cells become electrically imbalanced, the application of microcurrent is able to help return the damaged cells to a normal bio-electrical state, re-initiating cellular activity.  Research has shown that micro current impulses enhance three variables critical to healing:  ATP (adenosine triphosphate), protein synthesis, and cellular membrane transports.  These 3 key healing variables are only released in a parasymptathe3ic state, strongly suggesting that microcurrent can help rebalance the autonomic nervous system"

The unit was originally developed as a pain relief and used only by practioners until April 2015 when the FDA cleared it for sales to consumers directly. 

I did clear it with Dr Watt Monday that this will be in no way detrimental to what we're going to do in vision therapy.  Also he took a picture of it and he might be buying one.  He was very intrigued.

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