Monday, September 14, 2015

Write the day down on the Calendar!

I got a doctor to agree with me about my crazy left-hemisphere viral brain injury theory. :)

Today was our first in depth vision therapy evaluation.  Same OD that we saw for the preliminary one.   Dominic did pretty well. He was squirmy, but chilled out when i let him fiddle with my phone between tests.  First they did basic vision test - look at the pictures on the wall.  We went with animals. Love that it was an option.  When he uses both of his eyes, he is seeing about 20/20.  He is seeing better than I do with glasses.    I gave the Doc the primitive reflex test results our OT's did a few weeksd ago and he was blown away that the majority were retained the the right side / left brain hemisphere.  He AGREES WITH ME!!!!!  I seriously am ecstatic.  He's also incredibly impressed that I not only got the insurance to pay for Vision therapy, I got them to do it at an in network rate.  Apparently thats a first for his clinic. 

We then moved on to timing how fast Dominic put together a puzzle and filled out a peg board.  Dominic was pretty quick.  Then we went to the big TV with 3d glasses that tracks a lot of things.  The one that stuck with me was how well his eyes work together. Its about 65% when going left to right and about 60% when going in a circle.  Apparently this is pretty good for a first test.

Next week we do round 2.  Then the following week we get the treatment plan.  We are so excited.  I feel so validated about my brain injury theory. It also explains why all forms of HBOT have helped significantly over the years.  My next project is to manifest a way to get more HBOT.  Anyone want to gift us a soft chamber? (stop laughing, i'm only a little kidding)

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