Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So humbling

Its an amazing thing to be a part of something so big that it is changing everything.

As a IonCleanse by AMD study participant, starting last January - in the first study - I was on the front edge of this protocol that is sweeping the globe.  There are now over a thousand autism parents in the facebook group IonCleanse by AMD for ASD.  Every one of them is finding a way to get a machine even though they are prohibitively expensive. 

Because my TeamTMR and TMR family did this study that showed consistent improvements across the board almost universally.

Because we tried yet another THING.  All of us were battle hardened, and most of us had tough nuts.  We ended up writing a new protocol, a different one than the company recommended to us and they completely supported us.  We put together a detox support bag of tricks for the parents who came after us.  We put together that facebook group to offer ongoing support and community. 

Today we instituted Testimonial Tuesday.  Every time I logged into facebook, I got the FEELS from what was posted...

,.... from the 19yo tough nut who has been beating his mother up for years, with an ATEC over 100 when they started (and never under that 100 line in his life...)... down to a 66 in 2 months.

.... from the TMR sister of mine who started with me last January with an ATEC of 30, down to a 2. 

.... From my friend who catalyzed this whole thing by bringing the footbaths to her practice AND then making the connection between AMD and TMR, about her son who now indistinguishable from his peers.

... to the babies who have been not only non verbal but completely silent their entire life, who at age 4 and 5 are starting to speak

Its so AMAZING and humbling and awesome to be a part of this and to watch as this company, in combination with a radical new way of approaching autism treatment spearheaded by Pathways Natural Wellness clinic in Denver, is making huge differences.

No more can they say that the window to heal your child closes at age 7.  Not when we have adults on the severe end of the spectrum healing with this.

I have sat with parents as they tried the footbaths at multiple conferences (and will be doing that again in a few weeks at Generation Rescue) and promised them they would see results in the first 60 days or they should return the machine.  I have stood in front of a room full of strangers and told our story (I Despise Public Speaking).   If you are at GR, please come hear our story - I will be telling it again.

That Auction that TeamTMR did in August?  We were able to fund grants for 9 IonCleanse machines.  To families who would otherwise have been entirely unable to afford them on their own. 

I stand shoulder to shoulder with giants on the front lines of a war to change the course of our world and I couldn't be more humbled.

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