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Dominic is 10 11 12  13 at this writing. He regressed shortly after his third birthday and after about 10 months of chasing our tails with testing and such via a conventional pediatrician, we starting the DAN journey. We did classical DAN (test, supplement, test, tweak, rinse, repeat) for 3 years followed by 3 years of winging it with various protocols that were outside the lines.  Additionally, we incorporated a chiropractor who does organ manipulation, NAET, and cranial adjustments once a week starting in the beginning of 2012

In addition to our Biomed journey, we spent 4 years doing ABA therapy, and several years doing private speech and occupational therapy.

Overwhelmingly, Dominic was an initial responder to almost everything (except chelation, which nearly killed him), and as time went on the effects wore off and he regressed again. This got much better once we started the chiropractic work as our chiropractor in Colorado Springs manually drained Dominic’s liver and manipulated his colon every week.

This is how much money we estimate that we spent (out of pocket) over the last 7 years prior to the IonCleanse® by AMD

ABA Therapy:
4 years at $4,600/mo = $220,800, minus 25% that insurance paid = Total: $165,600 out of pocket

OT and Speech and Chiropractic:
$20 copay per visit, 4x a week for 4 years = $4,160 each year

Total: $16,644 out of pocket

Supplements and testing: via DAN, Unique Healing and CD protocols, average
$750/mo for 7 years =  Total: $63,000 out of pocket

Miscellaneous treatments like 160 soft HBOT Dives ($10,000), a trip to do 10 hard chamber dives ($2000), Therapeutic Listening, Light therapy... a few hundred here and there for the things that I don't even remember anymore.

Total out of Pocket Cost:

And at this writing, we are 12 months into our IonCleanse by AMD protocol on Dominic.
Month One Gains
Month Two Gains
Month Three Gains
Month Four Gains
Month Five Gains
Month Six Gains
Month Seven Gains
Month Eight Gains
Month Nine Gains
Month Ten Gains
Month Eleven Gains
Some reflections written at the almost 1 year mark
Month Twelve Gains
Month Thirteen Gains
Month Fourteen Gains
Month Fifteen Gains

Month 15 update - the IC will remain our foundational protocol, and we are adding and changing the other things around regularly.  as such, I am thinking that the gains by the IC are, most importantly, how it clears the garbage out so that the other treatments can actually work.  That being said,   I reserve the right to not continue monthly updates because now the gains are due to 1. the IC keeping the pathways so that 2. the other interventions can work.  So not all of this can be credited to just the IC.

You can feel free to email me anytime with questions :)

NOT Just for the KID

Most of what we do for our Autistic Kiddo's is just for them. It doesn't help the rest of the family.  I have been doing the IonCleanse by AMD footbaths right along with Dominic.  

I learned 4 years ago during a hospitalization for a massive kidney infection that I only have one kidney. Weird health issues that I have had for the last 20 years suddenly made sense when I connected the particular headache and uncontrollable nausea that I had in the hospital to my kidney.

What has happened since I was around 20 years old if I got too hot, got too much sun, overdid at the gym is that I would get a massive headache, which was followed by nausea and if I couldn’t go to sleep to reset, I would end up with uncontrollable vomiting. It even happened once in January in the
outdoor hottub in Colorado.  Don't even talk to me about working in the garden or taking a sauna.  Both would flatten me.

When I started doing the IonCleanse by AMD with Dominic in January, I was able to walk on my treadmill at only 3mph. Any higher than that and I would overheat and start the cycle above. At about a month into the protocol, I realized I was upping my speed a little more each day. 3 months in and I am regularly walking 3.5mph for 45-60 minutes a day and I have lost 13 pounds.  Update:  At 11 months, I can now walk for 90 minutes at 3.5mph without issue.  Next up, adding incline.

Further, the few times I have felt the beginning of a kidney crash headache, I’ve immediately done an IonCleanse by AMD footbath and at about 30 minutes in, the headache eased. I have been able (so far) to do all my outside gardening without feeling ill (this is huge, as in previous years I’ve timed my gardening so that I did it knowing I would be going to bed within 2 hours of finishing since sleep was the only thing that helped).  Even bigger, I can now do a 40+ minute sauna and reap the health benefits of sauna without any negatives. NONE. And I didn't even need the emergency pills from the accupuncturist OR the YLEO cooling blend I use.

I believe that a build up of toxins is the reason that my Kidney was crashing – it couldn’t process them all out. Using the IonCleanse by AMD regularly has reduced my overall toxic load as well as provided an alternative detoxing method for my body so that my kidney doesn’t get overloaded.

Sept Update:  Its the end of the first summer in almost 20 years that I did not spend at least one afternoon/evening puking my guts up from a kidney overheating event. I did a lot of hiking, gardening, and being outside. There were admittedly multiple times I felt a headache coming on and got the IonCleanse out immediately and it stopped the kidney crash.  I am in love with this machine. 


AMD is the only company in the autism healing industry that offers a 60 day guarantee.  There's no restocking fee if you return your device within 60 days.  You get every penny back.  The reason that no one else offers is its that, frankly, there is nothing that works for every child.  That's why we're all broke - we try everything everyone tells us works for their kid and when/if it doesn't work for ours we are stuck with it. Not with the IonCleanse by AMD. You have nothing to lose trying it.   Yes, its expensive.  I am to the point that I believe if we had purchased this unit 7 years ago before we went down the biomed / aba route, we would've saved ourselves $200K AND recovered 6 years ago.    This machine is worth its weight on a credit card.

If you choose to order one, I do get credit for referring you, so please let them know that you were referred by Joy and Dominic, or give them this url for referring you.

Here is where you buy them.
Brand matters.  This is the ONLY brand made to FCC safety requirements.  Do not buy a cheaper, made in China version and expect to have the same kinds of results we see with the IonCleanse by AMD.

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I've been ill 4 many years..diabetes, Hep-C (my husband died 20 yrs ago waiting 2+ yrs 4 liver transplant at age 47), 3 surgeries joint replacements and systemic Candida.Email is minus the 308.