Tuesday, March 1, 2016

IonCleanse by AMD - Month 14

the IonCleanse by AMD is now an automatic, regular part of our lives.   We don't go without it, nor do we every plan to.  Every footbath is gross and I'm so glad we have the machine to help get that toxicity out of our bodies.  February was our 14th consecutive month of using it no less than every other day. 

Gains that Dominic's made this month have been very subtle.  We're at a point where we've peeled back all the stimming and negative behaviors (unless he has a dietary infraction, which did happen a few times this month), and we're digging into healing the initial brain injury.   What that has looked like here:

- Doing far more activities of daily living with his OT - This month he's cooked (both baking his own birthday cupcakes and making mini quiches for dinner one night), he's done laundry, he's shoveled snow, and he's vacuumed regularly. 

- really supporting speech with the Kelly Dorfman Dyspraxia protocol, which we started back up Feb 14.  He's doing a TON of scripting and verbal stimming, which for us is a precurser to using more language regularly.

- His speech therapist is also working on sight words - he is consistently identifying sight words (and different ones each time) at approx 50%. 

- His flexibility is increasing exponentially.  Not only has he not complained about a massive schedule shift with me in CNA school now, he's also done things like tolerate doing the zoo backwards. 

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