Monday, February 29, 2016

Holy Catch Up post, batman!

My mother called me over the weekend to let me know I haven't updated the blog in a while.   I've been really busy with the CNA course I'm taking and life's just gotten in the way.  So - my last update was Feb 13.  Here're some tidbits since then.

- Dominic is deeply in love with our new puppy, Kumar.  Deeply.  To the point that he has given the poor, waterlogged dog a bath every day the last few days.  (In fairness, Kumar is dusty.  Kumar has discovered digging).  We actually had to stop him from giving Kumar a second bath of the day yesterday.

-  School wise, we are going to visit the middle school sped program on Friday - the school very much does not want us to hold D back.  We are on the fence after speaking with them.  We will see the program and talk some more on Friday,.

- We are loving home based OT and speech.  In the last month, Dominic has done the following life skills with his OT, Ashley - Cooking dinner (yes he did), baking cupcakes, doing laundry, vacuuming, shoveling snow... and I am loving not having to spend that time sitting in a waiting room.

- Dominic has adjusted to the MASSIVE routine change of me going to CNA school remarkably.  I am in school every night, leaving at 5:15 and getting home around 10:30 - so he has had to adjust from Mommy every night, dinner/footbath, shower,  bedtime all consistent to - Daddy on Monday, dinner then going to the gym adn being in daycare until 7:30pm, then shower and bed.  Mr Juan on Tuesday and Wednesdays, doing dinner then hanging out and Daddy doing shower and bed later.... and Daddy on Thurs and Friday.  Its a big shift and he's handled it beautifully.  He really likes Mr Juan - which is very sweet to see.  I have 3 more weeks of CNA school.

- Speaking of routine changes, Saturday I took Dominic to the Zoo and instead of going our usual path, i switched it up and skipped the wallabys, substituting the bears and monkeys, which changes the trajectory of the walk. .  And he was totally fine with the change.  We did have to backtrack to see the tiger because a trip to the zoo isn't a trip to the zoo without the tiger.

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