Monday, November 30, 2015

Ioncleanse by AMD - month 11

We are 11 months down, now, of using the IonCleanse by AMD.  We have settled into a 3-4x a week at 45 minutes a shot routine, adding more days if we see a need / taking days out if we're too busy to get the footbath in.

I do not see us ever going down to less than 2x a week.  Clearly, Dominic doesn't detox on his own, at all and this machine is making everything else work.

So.  What has month 11 brought to us, aside from a child who multitasks with the best of them:

He made his own lunch out of the blue one day.

His conversational abilities are blossoming, even at school.

We got to play Toothfairy for the very first time - he was cognizant enough of a loose tooth that we were able to get him to bring it to us for a present.  

He ROCKED his first Vision Therapy progress check up.

We've seen a bunch of AMAZING "Moments", all of which are a result of the supplements which are finally working (oh, and an update on the Brain Reward - the stim's have stopped.  We just had to push through them)

And finally - we were able to travel to my parents house for Thanksgiving.  He managed 2 travel days, navigating a small house with 9 noisy people in it for a few days without a meltdown (and i had a hard time with being sensory overloaded, so i'm sure he was struggling), interacted in ways my family has NEVER seen from him and generally did so awesome that this is what I posted on facebook:  "Recovering looks like being able to handle travelling to a super over stimulating environment on the fricking full moon and not having a problem.  BAM."


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I need to find out more about IONCleanse. Never heard of it. Great job, MOM!

Joy Whitcomb said...

ITs an awesome tool. There's a facebook group, IonCleanse by AMD for ASD that you should join. Lots of videos of presentations and such at major Autism conferences - and data. Study data. Showing great improvements in our kids.