Thursday, November 12, 2015

So... I've been keeping a secret.

And I've been struggling with if I should share it or not.


Because I worry that someone will do it just because its working for Dominic and it won't work for their kid.

I had dinner with two fellow TMR's and some of my friends from AMD in Denver last week when I was up there for business and shared my concerns.  They told me to share it anyway, because it might help one other child.   They are right, of course.   And you all know that every child is different and you all are responsible for knowing your own and how they present symptomatically.

A long time ago, we did neurotransmitter testing on Dominic and his neurotransmitters were WAY out of balance.  I went back and found the original testing and his Dopamine was out of the ballpark high.  At that time the DAN doctor we were seeing had us buy a bunch of really expensive supplements that I'm not sure did anything but drain the bank account. Here is a REALLY good article I found about kids with Autism and disregulated neurotransmitters.  Go read it.  Its really interesting.

About 2 months ago, my fellow TMR Mama, Sugah, started researching dopamine balancing supplements.  Her kids are recovered to the point that they are chasing the last of the focus issues and for her it made sense to look at neurotransmitters.  The product set she found, I told you all about a few weeks ago in the context of using it on myself.   And I have been using it on myself and I love it for me. I am feeling way fewer cravings and I've lost 13 pounds in the first month on it.   What I didn't tell you is that about a week after I started it on myself, I muscled tested Dominic and had his chiropractor muscle test him for the Brain Reward product.  He muscle tested strongly for it.  Dr Kara didn't like it and told me not to do it.  My gut said to try it anyway.  I've learned over the last 7 years to listen to my gut. So I put him on it.  I have not put him on the Prodovite because its not really autism-ready - actually neither product is.  Both were designed for the adult addiction recovery world.  Both are touted to significantly reduce stress (helps adrenals which we constantly struggle with) and go from fight/flight mode into rest/digest. 

All these amazing things that have been happening the last month - the fire station trip, the conversations at the zoo, the random making his own lunch, the emergence of pride, the progress with his occupational therapy exercises - they have been happening with this supplement on board.  And this is the only supplement change we've made in in a couple of months. 

Not going to lie - we've seen an increase in self stimulatory behaviors as well, and we've been toggling the dosage around to find the sweet spot.  This is why I was so hesitant to tell you all about it - its not been the smoothest of rides.     But I'll take more stimming if it comes with true conversations and the awesome interactions we are starting to see.

Its an MLM.  Full transparency here guys - its expensive.  I don't know how long we'll be able to afford it, but for now we're going for it.   If you want to try it, you register as a member and get the 25% off retail and you don't have to pay a yearly membership fee.  My number, should you be inclined to try it is 818625.  If you do sign up, send me an email at domsjourney at gmail dot com as there's a facebook group for those of us in Sugah's downline where we are comparing experiences as we learn to use this product for our kids.

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