Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Zoo part 3 - Practicing our Conversation

This is a carry-on to yesterday's post because I didn't want to crash everyone's computers with a huge number of videos to load.

These are actual conversations, folks.  I'm asking questions and he is answering!  I am so excited to see this coming out, it feels like its taken decades of work to get here.  And here we are.

This is in that interesting art / animal exhibit, and its a baby alligator in a pool.  Dominic nails it. 


This is that same exhibit, only its a pair of small turtles.  Dominic loves turtles.

The moose.  Dominic loves the moose.

I wasn't able to get a video of it because I was almost out of battery, but when we stopped at the loft (an interactive exhibit), the chinchilla was exercising.  They had it in a giant clear ball and it was rolling all over the exercise yard.  Dominic was ENTHRALLED.  And he very clearly asked the zoo volunteer if he could pet her, and unfortunately the answer was no because chinchilla's can jump 6 feet (who knew?!?), so he very gently patted the ball.  It was beautiful and I wish I'd been able to video it. 

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