Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Zoo Part 2 - Using social activities as therapy

Our speech therapists have been working with Dominic to have him describe what he's looking at and answer questions about it.  So I decided to carry that over into our trip to the zoo the other day.  It was just Dominic and I so I had no one else to talk to - might as well encourage him to converse.

There's a bunch of video's, so i'm going to split this into two posts, one today and one tomorrow.  Today's will be the first half of the zoo visit, where he's reluctantly answering my questions and tomorrows will be the second half, before the fatigue set it, where he was answering more and more of them.

I am totally calling this the BEST visit to the zoo Ever.

The zoo recently had lion cubs born.  This is him telling me about the lions. 

Dominic loves the movie series Madagascar.  So of course, all Zebra's are "Marty". Here he is telling me about the zebra's.

And his favorite, the elephants.

Side anecdote - while we were in the elephant house looking at the ones still inside, we took a bathroom break.  I sent him into the mens room and then recruited a pair of responsible looking types to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't leave while i went into the ladies room.  When I came out they were laughing hysterically because he was telling them all about the elephant peeing on the floor.

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