Monday, November 9, 2015

Amazing zoo trip - part 1

Yesterday was the PERFECT day to go to the Zoo. It was a little chilly (which I love because I overheat so easily) and very empty compared to a summer weekend.  Dominic and I went to the zoo while Daddy went to teach a class.  Can I just say how nice it is that one adult can handle him in a setting like this now.  HUGE.

First stop, as always, was the giraffes.  We fed them lettuce,  and then Dominic had a moment with this junior sized giraffe. 

Random Selfie in the beautiful blue skied sunny day

This is a relatively new exhibit.  It was only the second time we've seen it, and I have no idea who the random people are.  What amused me vastly was that Dominic went up and stuck his head in the crocodile statue.

Then he decided to ride it.  Because thats what you do with croc's right?

This is part of a really cool combo art / animal exhibition the likes of which I've never seen before
He's having a moment with a reptile of some sort.

He's getting so big. I remember taking his picture at this very spot when he was still in the stroller.  

Much to his disappointment, the otters were NOT out today, but he did go in and look for them.  He was so completely engaged it was awesome.  I actually ran my phone battery almost completely dead taking pictures and videos. (yes, more posts with those videos are coming. and they are awesome)

And we fed the chickens.  I am still lobbying for chickens at home.  I'm losing.  

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