Friday, November 6, 2015


You guys!!!!

Its here!!!!

We are changing the world!!

Please go watch this and see how YOU can help be a part of it - from providing content for our network to subscribing - its FREE, but if you subscribe and support it with 99 cents a month we can help fund so many grants for struggling families.  99 cents a a month is less than a cup of coffee from Denny's.   If you wanted to subscribe for a Starbucks grande Latte a month, that would be  AWESOME too!

I've emailed a number of you today asking you to submit content for us - my personal providers, Dominic's providers - past and present - and I hope you are able to do so.  We want this to not just be about the autism community, but about healthy CHILDREN - not just autism, allergies, asthma, obesity, childhood autoimmune disease - they are all rampant.  If you have something to contribute, we welcome it with open arms.

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