Thursday, October 22, 2015

In which I talk about myself

so... I'm 10 days into a modified Keto diet in which i'm attempting to keep my daily calories under 1300, and eat almost no carbs (i do eat vegetables and there is about 1/3 of an apple in my daily glass of veggie juice).

This is the third time I've gone KEto, and I've done low carb probably 2 dozen times in the last 20 years.  My body likes it and I tend to normalize weight on it pretty quickly.   Normally when I do this, I get major cravings and thats what tanks me. 

This time I've been taking 2 products from a company called Victory Nutrition Inc, prodovite (a liquid vitamin that is encapsulated in phospholipids to get it thru the stomach into the small intestine where it is much more likely to be absorbed) and brain reward (an amino compound that was designed and has 29 studies around it for the addiction community). I actually started these to trial on myself before trying them on Dominic because together they seem to be neuroadaptogenic.  It was a coincidence that the timing worked out to be the same as my Keto start.  These products claim to reset dopamine receptors.  Our ND does not like them, because they are not very cleanly produced.  They were made for adult addicts, not autistic kids - no way around that.

Here's my current observation about these.  The way the schedule goes, you are supposed to take brain reward either 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating.  There is a loading phase at the beginning (for both products actually) where you take more and then you phase it back because it takes about 2 weeks to create the new dopamine receptors.  So for the Brain Reward I have been taking 2 hours after breakfast, which is working out to be around 10:30am.    Yesterday at about noon I realized I was craving Sushi. And then I realized I'd forgotton my brain reward, so I took it and waited an hour t eat lunch.  Today I saw someone post online about Olive Gardena nd thought - oh that sounds delicious all those wonderful breadsticks, looked at the clock and realized I was an hour late taking the brain reward.

It is definately removing my cravings and that makes perfect sense if we think about food as an addiction. 

Its an MLM.  Which I don't really like.  But I'm signed up because there's no yearly fee for the membership and you don't have a committed amount to purchase every month - you get 20% off.  If you are interested in trying these and want to get the discount, please use me as a referral.  My number is  818265.

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