Thursday, October 22, 2015

Nobody's perfect. AKA Food Infraction weekend...

2 Funny stories about this weekend.

Mind you I have been killing myself to keep his diet as clean as possible given all his current inflammatory reactions.  So we have hidden our non-appropriate treats from Dominic, generally on a high shelf in our bedroom.  This had included a costco size bag of miniature halloween candy bars that we were enjoying here and there. 

So... first funny.  Saturday night I turned in early and took a muscle relaxant because my back was bothering me.  So I was watching TV in our bed and I lost the remote control (I blame the muscle relaxant. Just sayin).  In the process of taking the bed apart to locate said remote control i discovered a pile of candy wrappers shoved behind the bed.

Kiddo figured out how to get to the high shelf silently and had been snacking, then hiding the evidence.  We have no idea for how long as we've pretty consistently hid treats in our bedroom.

Second funny...  Sunday night after Dominic went to bed, Daddy and I ordered our weekly diet cheat meal -  a pizza. we might have eaten 2/3 of it and I put the rest in a baggie in the fridge. Monday morning we waited until the bus was 20 minutes late before we realized there was no school, so we had an unplanned kid at home day.  Around lunch time, Daddy went looking for the leftover pizza.  We still haven't found it.   The only thing we can come up with is that Dominic found it, snuck it somewhere and ate it.

The Cool part about all this is that he's suddenly AWARE and COGNIZANT of things he's not supposed to have.  And he's plotting / hiding things from us.  This is a huge developmental piece.

Also, he's doing REALLY well for having this many dietary infractions.  Yes we've had reports of extra silliness from school, and yes he was downright non compliant at the chiropractor Tuesday - but overall he's doing remarkably well.

The Downside - Mommy and Daddy are done having hidden food and we cannot have any leftovers of non approved food anymore.

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