Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So proud of himself....

Dominic's school does these cute little certificates for the kids when they work hard.    They then get their picture with the certificate posted on a wall of fame for a month.  They are for rewarding S.O.A.R behavior (safety, organization, attitude, respect & responsibility). 

Yesterday as Dominic got home from school, he reached into his backpack and handed me a stapled stack of 8 SOAR certificates. 

Showing them off.

As in he is proud of himself!!! 

This is so huge.

Then this morning, he got them again and took them to Daddy and showed the off again.

Mind you we have no idea the time frame he got them in or the reasons for them, we are just so pleased to see him realizing that he's done something to be proud of and showing it off.  

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