Sunday, October 18, 2015

Integrating our Reflexes...

Honestly, you would that I was asking this child to rip his fingernails off as much as he's been arguing about doing his reflex integration exercises, which we are doing 3x a day.  If he didn't argue, we'd be done in NO TIME.  I figured I'd record them for everyone's amusement.  Right now we are focusing on doing superman and egg 5x each, 3 different times a day, holding each for 15 seconds.

First up, Superman:

Then I wanted him to do egg on then floor, but he wanted to do it on the Bosu, which didn't go so well.

For your amusement:

Then we did egg on the floor and that went MUCH  better.

I know we will be adding more exercises to this regime and i'm so hoping he gets past the arguing about it stage and just does them.  we've also got all the eye exercises we do every day too.    Yesterday we saw our on-maternity-leave-damnit OT at a social event and she referred to us as the parents everyone wants for OT because we are doing the homeswork.  I didn't realize there was another option lol.

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