Saturday, October 17, 2015

Finding it himself and playing with a kitty....

One of Dominic's long time fixations has been his fidget toys, that he carries in his pocket or his hands.  USUALLY they are super tiny little animals.   And he loses them on a regular basis, which, until today, has led to DRAMA.

Crying for help, for us to "find it", usually unable to tell us which toy is missing.  I remember searching outside with a  flashlight for the car he lost because he would not stop screaming without it.

This morning we had a lazy morning.  Daddy and I laid in bed and watched TV for a few hours while we ate breakfast before we took a shower.  At one point Rod got up and checked on Dominic because it was TOO QUIET.  He was out watching Airplanes in his pjs.  Rod called me over to see something.

Dominic had taken the cushions off the couch, MOVED the hide-a-bed about a food (those things are HEAVY), and was laying on his stomach with a little flashlight searching.  When asked what he was searching for, he told Daddy "Baby Squirrel".

Wait what?  He realized it was lost and started looking for it himself. He did not melt down, did not ask for help, he just did it.
(we ended up finding baby squirrel in our bedroom where he'd put Shanti's collar on him)


Then we went to visit some friends of ours who are like adopted aunties.  And they have cats.  Dominic looooooves animals.  These cats are somewhat skittish, but he was calm enough to interact beautifully  with them.   He had a small fidget mouse in his hand that the kitties were VERY interested in.   I can't remember when we visited them last but it was long enough ago that they were blown away by his progress and his verbals. :)

I think we are out of inchstones and to footstones folks.

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