Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mommy FIX IT

Tuesday Night Dominic noticed a tiny hole in his sock.  This freaked him out.  So he asked me to fix it. I told him that it was probably better to just throw the sock away and he got it out of the trash, put some scotch tape on it, and wore it until he took his shower and went to bed.

Yesterday morning he noticed a tiny hole in the leg of his jeans.  TINY!!!  And I was on a work related conference call so when he asked me to fix it, I had to tell him I was sorry but he would have to either go get a different pair of pants or wear those until after school...  He went to get the fabric I could patch it with and was so sad that I still said I couldn't do it right then.

So... he got some scotch tape and taped it over the hole.  Problem solved.

...we have problem solving and creative thinking, people!

(note to self, get the tape off before they hit the laundry....)

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