Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Three years ago, on our trip to Washington state (side note, really, 3 years? thats too long), Dominic went wading in the ocean.  The picture doesn't show it but he ended up messy enough that he needed a quick shower (it was a camping ish area) before we could put him back in the rental car.   Rod remembers the screaming and flailing that went along with it. For a sensory kiddo used to baths, the shower was absolute torture.    I believe that was our first attempt at a shower since pre-regression rinse off's at the beach.

While I was at Generation rescue a few weeks ago, Dominic and Daddy got haircuts.  And when they came home, Dominic allowed Rod to shower him off.  In our bathroom not his (our shower doesn't have a tub attached down there, whereas his has a tub).   He tolerated it.

Fastforward to Sunday night.   We were all cuddled in hanging out downstairs and isntead of bringing Dominic upstairs for the bathtub, I asked if he'd like to take a shower.  And he agreed to it.  And he took a shower, washed his hair and body and then dried off. Like Nothing Happened.

Monday I ran the bath like usual and he insisted upon a shower for his hair.  When i turned on the shower in his bathroom he didn't like it.  So after his bath we went downstairs and he took a shower in Mommy and Daddy's shower to wash his hair.

Tuesday.... he just wanted a shower.  No bath.

This is a really random and odd gain, but its a huge gain nonetheless.   The reduction in his sensory defensiveness is ASTONISHING.  Its also going to make the bedtime routine much faster because there won't be all the water play. 

I think we might have to install a towel rack downstairs for him.  That would be SO COOL. :)

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